October 14, 2010
AEF publishes Annual Report of the USA with Harvard Political Review

In October 2010, the AEF published The Annual Report of the USA in the conjunction with the Harvard Political Review, an undergraduate political magazine

The report, much like a corporate annual report, shows an income statement and balance sheet for the federal government. Students publish in depth analysis and articles on big ticket expenditures such as Social Security, Medicare, and National Defense and also reviewed the difficulty of the persistent deficits and debt on the American economy.


“The United States government is in the midst of a budget crisis. We at the HPR feel that for citizens to hold their leaders accountable, they must understand the budget process itself — how we got into this mess, and what our options are going forward.

This year the HPR produced The Annual Report of the USA. The report gives an average citizen a bird’s eye view of the how our government spends our tax dollars and why. We hope this discussion of the major areas of federal spending will convince readers to demand their elected representatives take decisive action, and that it will provide all citizens with the facts necessary to evaluate proposed solutions.”