October 17, 2011
Harvard Publishes Annual Report of the USA 2011. Download here or help support our students by donating below.

Download the  Annual Report of the USA 2011 and help us continue our work today:


The Harvard Political Review has just published “The Annual Report of the USA“.

Yes, you heard it right. Just as a corporation reports to its shareholders, the Annual Report informs citizens how our country stacks up financially.  The students break down how our tax dollars are being spent — how much money comes in, and how very much goes out.

The students write about complex issues such as the national debt, the health care legislation, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — and much more — all in a way that is engaging and understandable to everyone. Above all it sticks to the fact and is nonpartisan.

So how does America fare in 2011? Click here to visit our site and here to download a copy of the full report and support this important work!